"On the stage of a theatre can be represented in character evil and its consequences, good and its happy results and rewards the weakness and follies of man and the magnanimity of the virtuous life."
- Brigham Young

Here at Brigham's Playhouse we share a goal of bringing quality wholesome theatre to audiences of all ages. In order to achieve this goal we ask that those who share this vision with us to donate to Brigham's Playhouse.

Let's face it, putting on a show takes money. There are the rights to the show, the music, the lighting, the actors and crew, props, costumes, and more things that add up all in the name of wholesome entertainment.

Aside from the ability to put on more quality productions we want to be able to provide our donors with something extra. Depending on how much you donate we will give you discounts, concessions, and even free tickets to our productions for up to a whole season's worth of shows for you and your family.